Bar Harbor, Maine – September 7-10, 2003

Index of Papers:

  • Avery, Robin; Crockett, Charles; Simpson, Charles. 

A Time Trial of a Remote Controlled Winch Mounted on a Cable Skidder – A Case Study.

  • Bolding, M. Chad; Lanford, Bobby L.; Kellogg, Loren D. 

Forest Fuel Reduction:  Current Methods and Future Possibilities.

  • Bonhomme, Brice; LeBel, Luc. 

Harvesting Contractors in Northern Quebec:  A Financial and Technical Performance Evaluation.

  • Boston, Kevin. 

A Description of a Primary Forest Products Supply Chain Management System.

  • Carle, Ernest L. 

Safety Program Recommendations for Wood Chipping and Maintenance Facilities.

  • Chung, Woodam; Sessions, John. 

A Computerized Method for Determining Cable Logging Feasibility Using a DEM.

  • Conradie, Ian P.; Greene, W. Dale; Murphy, Glen E. 

Value Recovery with Harvesters in Southeastern USA Pine Stands.

  • Coulter, Elizabeth D.; Sessions, John; Wing, Michael G. 

An Exploration of the Analytic Hierarchy Process and its Potential for Use in Forest Engineering.

  • de Hoop, Cornelis F.; Smith, W. Ramsay; Hanumappa-Reddy, Amith. 

Reduction and Utilization of Forest Fuel Loading in Louisiana.

  • De La Torre, Rafael; Newman, David. 

Assessment of the Profitability of Intensive Silvicultural Treatments.

  • Frost, Jack; Simpson, Charles. 

Planning and Conducting a Timber Harvest on University of Maine Forestland – A Forester’s and a Logger’s Perspective.

  • Gallagher, Tom; Shaffer, Robert. 

Using Short-Rotation Hardwood Plantations as “Green” Inventory for Southeastern Pulp Mills.

  • Guimier, Daniel Y. 

Forest Engineering Research at FERIC.

  • Hobbs, Melanie D.; Zundel, Pierre E. 

The Technology of Thought in Forest Operations.

  • LeBel, Luc; Nadeau, Francois R.; Valeria, Osvaldo. 

Optimizing the Combined Harvesting and Road Construction Costs for a Dispersed Harvesting Regime.

  • Leonard, Jared; Garland, John; Pilkerton, Steve. 

Evaluation of Synthetic Rope For Static Rigging Applications in Cable Logging.

  • Lofroth, Claes. 

IT-Study in Four Haulage Rigs Brings Greater Fuel Economy with Training and Better Roads.

  • Marcos-Martin, Francisco; Garcia-Robredo, Fernando; Izquierdo-Osado, Ines; Villegas-Ortiz de la Torre, Santiago. 

CO2 Fixation in Poplar I-2 Plantations Aimed at Energy Production.

  • Marshall, Hamish; Murphy, Glen. 

Production Economics of Two Mechanical Harvesting Systems.

  • McDonald, Tim; Taylor, Steve; Baeir, Jim. 

Measurement of Shock Loading Experienced by Skidder Operators.

  • Mikkonen, Esko. 

Use of Information and Communication Technology in Wood Procurement Management in Finland.

  • Milauskas, Steven J.; Wang, Jingxin. 

A Survey of West Virginia Logger Characteristics.

  • Murphy, Glen; Siren, Matti; O’Brien, Stephen. 

Potential Use of Slash Bundling Technology in Western US Stands.

  • Pilkerton, Stephen J.; Garland, John J.; Leonard, Jared M.; Sessions, John. 

Synthetic Rope Use in Logging Winching Applications.

  • Rummer, Bob; Klepac, John. 

Evaluation of Roll-Off Trailers in Small-Diameter Applications.

  • Ryder, Roger; Post, Tim. 

A Repeatable Regional BMP Monitoring Methodology.

  • Schiess, Peter; Krogstad, Finn T.O. 

LIDAR-Based Topographic Maps Improve Agreement Between Office-Designed and Field-Verified Road Locations.

  • Skaugset, Dr. Arne E.; Pyles, Dr. Marvin R. 

Putting Environmental Engineering into Forestry’s Engineers.

  • Sloan, Hank. 

Logging Cost Calculator, A Tool to Aid the Planning and Estimation of Logging Rates.

  • Solmie, Derek K.; Kellogg, Loren D.; Kiser, Jim D.; Wing, Michael G. 

Comparing Strategies for Skyline Corridor Layout.

  • Thompson, Jason D. 

Productivity of a Tree Length Harvesting System Thinning Ponderosa Pine in Northern Arizona.

  • Toman, Elizabeth M.; Skaugset, Arne E. 

The Magnitude and Timing of Runoff from Forest Roads Relative to Stream Flow at Live Stream-Crossing Culverts in Western Oregon.

  • Turner, Douglas R.; Han, Han-Sup. 

Productivity of a Small Cut-To-Length Harvester in Northern Idaho, USA.

  • Wang, Jingxin; Jones, Mark; McNeel, Joe; Edwards, Pam. 

Soil Compaction Caused by Timber Harvesting in Central Appalachian Hardwood Forests.

  • Wang, Jingxin; LeDoux, Chris B.; Li, Yaoxiang. 

Modeling and Simulating Two Cut-to-Length Harvesting Systems in Central Appalachian Hardwoods.