2004 “MACHINES AND PEOPLE, THE INTERFACE” – Hot Springs, Arkansas


  • Meeting in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Index of Papers:

  • Akay, Abdullah E.; Sessions, John; Bettinger, Pete; & Erdas, Orhan. 

Finding the Vertical Alignment of Forest Roads Using Several Heuristic Techniques.

  • Beatty, Bill; Wang, Jingxin; McNeel, Joe; & Edwards, Pam. 

Spatial Analysis of To-Stream Sediment Delivery in Central Appalachian Forested Watersheds.

  • Bell, Jennifer. 

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Logger Safety Training Program.

  • Bielecki, Chris & Garland, John. 

Logging Machinery used in Wildland Fire Suppression.

  • deHoop, Cornelis & Lefort, Albert J. 

Loggers and Bureaucrats:  A Strategic Partnership Improves Accident Recording and Safety Education

  • Gallagher, Tom; Smidt, Mathew; McDonald, Tim; & Tufts, Robert. 

How To Improve Transportation Efficiency and Cost a WSRI Project.

  • Garland, John. 

Lessons Learned from Logging Litigation.

  • Hartter, Joel; Garland, John; & Pilkerton, Steve. 

Using Synthetic Rope in Forest Operations:  End Connector Concepts.

  • Hodges, Christine & Visser, Rien. 

Comparison of Streamside Management Zone Requirements in the Southeast.

  • Horcher, Andy & Visser, Rien J.M. 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:  Applications for Natural Resource Management and Monitoring.

  • Jensen, Kristopher & Visser, Rien. 

Low Impact Forest Harvesting at the Urban Interface.

  • Klepac, John & Rummer, Bob. 

Production and Cost of a Conventional System Harvesting Small-Diameter Lodgepole Pine in Wyoming.

  • Largo, Simon & Han, Han-Sup. 

Economics of an Integrated Harvesting System in Fuel Reduction Thinning in Western Montana.

  • Largo, Simon; Han, Han-Sup; & Johnson, Leonard. 

Productivity and Cost Evaluation for Non-guyline Yarders in Northern Idaho.

  • Li, Yaoxiang; Wang, Jingxin; Miller, Gary; & McNeel, Joe. 

Production Economics of Harvesting Young Hardwood Stands in Central Appalachia.

  • Okonski, Jerry. 

Skyline Systems in Appalachia – 11 Tribulations.

  • Parker, Richard; Ashby, Liz; Tappin, David; & Moore, Dave. 

The New Zealand Forest Industry Accident Reporting Scheme (ARS).

  • Pilkerton, Stephen J.; Garland, John; & Hartter, Joel. 

Comparison of Ergonomic Performance for a Skidder Operator Using Steel Wire and Synthetic Rope Winch Line.

  • Thompson, Jason D. & Rummer, Bob. 

Comparing the Productivity of a Cut-To-Length Harvester Over Time.

  • Veal, Matthew; Taylor, Steven; & Rummer, Robert. 

Modeling the Behavior of Excavator-Based Forest Machine Rollovers.

  • Vik, Tore. 

Ergonomic Research in the Nordic Countries Related to Work in the Forest.

  • Yonce, Mary & Visser, Rien. 

Evaluation of Methods and Procedures for Best Management Practices Monitoring and Reporting in the Southeast United States.