Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, June 16-20, 2002

Index of Papers:

  • Appt, Jeremy; Skaugset, Arne; Pyles, Marvin; Wing, Michael G.  Discriminating Between Landslide Sites and Potentially Unstable Terrain Using Topographic Variables.

  • Aulerich, Ed.  Challenges, Rewards, and Requirements for Working Globally

  • Bigot, Maryse; Cacot, Emmanuel.  Why and How Should French Foresters Face the Question of Site Disturbances in Logging Operations?

  • Bolding, M. Chad; Lanford, Bobby L.  Productivity of a Ponsse Ergo Harvester Working on Steep Terrain

  • Brown, Mark; Guimier, Daniel; Mercier, Steve; Provencher, Yves; Turcotte, Pierre.  MultiDAT and Opti-Grade: Two Knowledge-Based Electronic Solutions for Managing Forestry Operations More Efficiently.

  • Christopher, Ed; Visser, Rien.  Southeastern State BMP Monitoring Needs.

  • Chumbler, James C.; Mayo, Jefferson H.; Greene, W. Dale; Clutter, Michael L.; deHoop, C.F.; Egan, Andy F.  Benchmarking the Performance of Logging Crews Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis.

  • Chung, Woodam; Sessions, John.  Optimization of Cable Logging Layout Using a Heuristic Algorithm for Network Programming.

  • Coulter, Elizabeth Dodson; Coulter, Keith; Mason, Tad.  Dry Forest Mechanized Fuels Treatment Trials Project.

  • Coulter, Elizabeth Dodson; Skaugset, Arne; Coakley, Jim; Sessions, John.  Sedimentation Risk From a Road Network in Western Oregon.

  • deHoop, Cornelis F.; Egan, Andy F.; Greene, W. Dale; Mayo, Jefferson H.  Profiles of Loggers and Logging Companies in Maine and the Southern States.

  • Dimitris, Athanassiadis.  Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration of Forestry Related Products and Processes – A Way to Meet Environmental Objectives.

  • Dructer, Danny.  Problems at Home – Can We Compete Globally?

  • Gallagher, Tom; Shaffer, Robert.  Economic and Operational Feasibility of Short Rotation Hardwood Inventory.

  • Haynes, Hylton; Visser, Rien; Sloan, Hank.  A Case Study on Cable Yarding for a Stream Habitat Treatment and the Utility of a “Roadside” Log Sale.

  • Kinard, Jonathan.  The Effectiveness and Efficacy of the Alabama Professional Logging Manager Course.

  • Klepac, John; Rummer, Bob.  Evaluation of a Shovel Logging System in the Gulf Coastal Plain.

  • Long, Charlie; Wang, Jingxin; McNeel, Joe; Baumgras, John.  Production and Cost Analysis of a Feller-Buncher in Central Appalachian Hardwood Forest.

  • Marbet, C. Erica; Skaugset, Arne; Gilbert, Erin.  Hydrology of Forest Roads in the Oregon Coast Range.

  • Martin, F. Marcos; Ortiz de la Torre, S. Villegas; Robredo, F. Garcia; Osado, I. Izquierdo; Castellano, J. Ruiz.  Two Year-Rotation Plantations of Poplar Trees for Energy.

  • Mayo, Jefferson H.; Greene, W. Dale; Clutter, Michael L.; deHoop, Niels; Egan, Andy F.  Causes and Costs of Unused Logging Production Capacity.

  • McDonagh, Kieran D.; Visser, Rien; Meller, Russell D.; Shaffer, Robert M.; McDonald, Timothy P.  Systems Dynamics Simulation of Harvesting Systems.

  • McDonald, Tim; Rummer, Bob.  Variation in Skidder Productivity Over Time During Timber Harvest.

  • Murakami, Etsuro.  The Evolution of the Forest Logging Mechanization in Brazil – The Logging Mechanization Processes and Phases at Rigesa.

  • Rodgers, Brian; Visser, Rien; Shaffer, Robert; Gallagher, Tom.  Opportunities for Increasing Productivity in the Industrial Wood Supply Chain through Improved Planning.

  • Rodgers, Brian F.; Visser, Rien; Shaffer, Bob.  Current State of Planning and Communication of the Forest Industry: A Virginia Tech and WSRI Case Study.

  • Shrestha, Suraj Prasad; Lanford, Bobby L.  Comparison of Timber Utilization Between A Tree-Length and An In-Wood Chipping Harvesting Operation.

  • Sinclair, Alex W.J.  Improved Log Hauling Productivity.

  • Taylor, S.E.; Veal, M.W.; Grift, T.E.; McDonald, T.P.; Corley, F.W.  Precision Forestry: Operational Tactics for Today and Tomorrow.

  • Thompson, Jason D.  Productivity of Swing-to-Tree Harvesters Performing Thinnings in Natural Pine Hardwood Stands.

  • Ulmer, James R.; Mayo, Jefferson H.; Greene, W. Dale; Clutter, Michael L.; deHoop, Niels; Egan, Andy F.  A “Misery Index” to Assess the Impact of Variations in Mill Demand on Logging Crew Production and Cost.

  • Valenzuela, Jorge; Balci, Hakan; McDonald, Tim.  A Simulation-Based Optimization Model For Planning Forest Operations.

  • Vanderberg, Mike; Wang, Jingxin; McNeel, Joe; LeDoux, Chris.  Hardwood Log Damage and Degrade Occurring During Harvesting Operations in Central Appalachia.

  • Veal, Matthew W.; Taylor, Steven E.; Rummer, Robert B.; Raper, Randy L.  Evaluation of Site Preparation Plow Energy Requirements.

  • Visser, Rien; Adams, Jeffrey.  Risk Management of Steep Terrain Harvesting.

  • Winter, Andrew.  Commercial Forestry Operations at the Urban Interface – Forest Harvesting in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  • Winter, Mario Eugenio Lobato; Vieira, Germano Aguiar.  Forestry Harvesting Mechanization in Mountainous Areas in Brazil.  CENIBRA Experience.

  • Zweede, Johan; Blate, Geoffrey; Merry, Frank; Silva, Natalino.  Forest Management and Reduced Impact Logging Training in the Amazon: The Fundacao Floresta Tropical.

September 1, 2002