1992 Conference Proceedings


  • Cullen, Jack. Computer-Aided Harvest Planning System: An Integrated Forest Engineering Tool Kit.
  • Douglas, Robert A. Forest Road Transportation System Design with Truck Performance Models.
  • Douglas, Robert A. & Durward, Gordon. The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer and its Use on Forest Roads.
  • Erickson, Michael D.; Hassler, Curt C.; & LeDoux, Chris B. Group-Selection Harvests: Influence of Group Size on Harvesting Costs and Productivity.
  • Greenfield, Paul H. Central Tire Inflation: The USDA-Forest Service Program.
  • Horvath, Stephen I. Economics of Hardwood and Brushland Conversion to Conifer Stands.
  • Klaas, Roger N. Fat Tires are Friendly to the Environment.
  • Kluender, Richard A. & Stokes, Bryce J. Harvesting Productivity and Costs of Three Harvesting Methods.
  • Murphy, Gary L. & Martin, Michael W. Variable Tire Pressure Activities in the Southern Region of the Forest Service.
  • Reisinger, Thomas W.; Powell, David B.; & Aust, W. Michael. The Impact of Soil Rutting After Mechanized Thinning Operations – Preliminary Results.
  • Ryans, M.; St-Amour, M.; & Makkonen, I. Preliminary Experience with Cleaning Machines in Eastern Canada.
  • Trewin, A.R.D. & Twaddle, A.A. Challenges to the Re-Establishment of Radiata Pine Plantations.