1993 Conference Proceedings


  • Aulerich, D. Edward. Using Cable Logging for Partial Cutting.
  • Bragg, William C. Predicting Residual Tree Damage in Partial Cuttings.
  • Davis, Craig J. & Vollmer, Craig A. Residual Damage Under Uneven-Age Silvicultural Prescriptions.
  • Durston, Thomas A. Comparing Costs and Production Rates of Cut to Length and Whole Tree Mechanized Harvesting.
  • Garland, John J.; Emmingham, William; & Woodard, Steve. Oregon’s Experience with Ecology and Silvicultural Education for Loggers: Logger Education to Advance Professionalism (LEAP).
  • Gingras, J.F. Productivity and Fibre Recovery Efficiency of Wood Harvesting Systems.
  • Kellogg, Loren D.; Pilkerton, Stephen J.; & Skaugset, Arne. Harvesting for Active Riparian Zone Management and the Effects on Multiple Forest Resources.
  • Kockx, Greg; Bennett, Doug; Krag, Ray; & Thibodeau, Don. Operational Considerations in Partial Cutting on Environmentally Sensitive Areas: Experiences from British Columbia.
  • Mason, Lola. Economical and Reusable Crossings for Wetland Areas.
  • McNeel, J.F.; & Andersson, Bjorn. Shovel Logging with Different Retrieval Patterns in Second-Growth Timber.
  • Morris, L.A.; Ogden, E.A.; & Nutter, W.L. Land Treatment of Mill Residues.
  • Reisinger, Thomas W. Independent Contractors Managing “Safety Successful” Logging Operations.
  • Scherman, Svante. Greater Diversity in Forestry Improves Both Profitability and Conservation.
  • Schilling, Alvin. Tires and Machines for Sensitive Logging.
  • Shaffer, Robert M. & Aust, W. Michael. A Cost/Benefit Comparison of Voluntary and Regulatory Forestry BMP Programs.
  • Spruce, M.D.; Taylor, S.E.; Wilhoit, J.H.; & Britt, J.R. Using GPS to Track Forest Machines.
  • Taylor, S.E. & Murphy, G.L. Portable Timber Bridge Designs for Temporary Stream Crossings.
  • Wharton, Brian K.; Watson, W.F.; Alabach, Roger; & Stokes, B.J. A Model for Chip Yield of Northern Arkansas Plantation Loblolly Pine.
  • Wilhoit, J.H.; Ling, Q.; & Aygarn, S. Equipment for Spreading Solid Waste on Forest Land.
  • Wolanek, Michael D. Effects of Woodwaste Road Construction on Stream Water Chemistry in Southeast= Alaska.


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