1987 Conference Proceedings


  • Babbitt, Ronald E. & Gonsior, Michael J. Voice Recognition Technology for Time and Motion Study.
  • Bergan, Ernie. A Preprocessor for Use in the Development of IRPM and Tranship Runstreams.
  • Biller, Cleveland J. Design Features of a Two-Loadline Christy Carriage.
  • Brinker, Richard & Jackson, Ben. An Evaluation of the Pulpwood Procurement Environment of Northwest Louisiana with a Geographic Information System.
  • Broussard, Michael J.; Watson, Billy; & Stokes, Bryce J. Intensive Utilization in Rolling Topography.
  • Cole, Jeff. Data Input from a Photographic Image into a Geographic Information System Utilizing Photogrammetric Condition Equations and USGS Digital Elevation Models.
  • Cubbage, Fred & Wojtkowski, Paul. Analysis of Factors Affecting Southern Pulpwood Harvesting Costs.
  • Cubbage, Fred; Greene, Dale; & McNeel, Joe. Characteristics of Independent Logging Contractors in Georgia.
  • Davis, Craig & Reisinger, Tom. Harvest Planning Utilizing GIS.
  • Douglas, Robert & Henderson, Bruce. A Rational Framework for Forest Road/Forest Truck System Design.
  • Douglas, Robert & Henderson, Bruce. Computer Assisted Forest Route Location.
  • Garland, J.; Sessions, J.; & Olsen, E. D. Optimal Bucking at the Stump.
  • Garland, John J. Regional Report/West.
  • Lambert, Michael B. & Howard, James O. Harvesting and Processing Biomass of Small Diameter Stands for Multiple Products in the Northwest.
  • Lanford, Bobby & Stokes, Bryce J. Commercial Thinning Systems for Southern Pine Plantations.
  • Lee, Charles N. Regional Report/Northeast.
  • Legg, Robert F. Mechanized Harvesting Systems.
  • McNeel, Joseph F. Regional Report/South.
  • Miles, John A. & Hartsough, Bruce R. An Instrumentation System for Monitoring Skyline Loads.
  • Miyata, Edwin S. & Aulerich, D. Edward. Harvesting Equipment and Systems Developed in Japan for Harvesting Small Trees.
  • Nieuwenhuis, Maarten. The Use of a Geographic Information System in Computer-Assisted Forest Road Network Analysis.
  • Palmer, Dave. Demonstration/Discussion Session on Power Production from Biomass.
  • Rummer, Robert & Ashmore, Colin. Data Acquisition Systems for Forest Engineering Research.
  • Salm, Daniel; Bergan, Ernie; Strong, William; Kramer, Brian; Neilsen, Randy; & Moore, Tom. Harvest Scheduling and Transportation Analysis.
  • Schuh, Donald; Bassler, Gregory; & Kellogg, Loren D. Chain-Flail Delimber-Debarkers.
  • Sloan, Hank. Successful Skyline Logging on the Allegheny National Forest.
  • Thompson, Michael A. & Sturos, John A. Status of the Lake States Forests.


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