• Meeting in North Tahoe, Kings Beach, California

Index of Papers

  • Acuna, Mauricio; Murphy, Glen; Rombouts, Jan

    Determining Radiata Pine Tree Value and Log Product Yields Using Terrestrial LiDAR and Optimal Bucking in South Australia.

  • Amishev, Dzhamal Y.; Murphy, Glen E. 

    Using Acoustic Technology as a Means for Improving the Economics of Fuel Reduction Operations through an Integrated Value-Adding Approach.

  • Ampoorter, E.; Verheyen, K.; Hermy, M. 

    Soil Damage After Skidding: Results of a Meta-analysis. Aruga, Kazuhiro; Tasaka,Toshiaki; Nishikawa, Akira & Yamasaki, Toshihiko.  Development of a New Operation System With Carriages for Turn Back Yarding System.

  • Baker, Shawn; Cass, Randy; Greene, Dale

    Product Sorting Impacts on Cost and Productivity of Tree-length Logging Operations.

  • Barrett, Scott M.; Aust, W. Michael; Bolding, M. Chad

    Potential Impacts of Biomass Harvesting on Forest Resource Sustainability.

  • Bilek, E.M. (Ted)

    Machine Cost Analysis Using the Traditional Machine-Rate Method and ChargeOut!

  • Chung, Woodam; Jones, Greg; Sullivan, Janet; Aracena, Pablo 

    Developing a Decision Support System to Optimize Spatial and Temporal Fuel Treatments at a Landscape Scale.

  • Conrad, Joseph L. & Bolding, M. Chad 

    The Benefits and Consequences of a Vibrant Wood-to-Energy Market.

  • Dodson, Beth

    Transportation of Woody Biomass Using Roll-Off Containers.

  • Drolet, Steve; LeBel, Luc

    Developing Managerial Behaviours and the Indispensable Information to Do So: a Double Challenge for Forest Entrepreneurs.

  • Dykstra, Dennis; Hartsough, Bruce; Stokes, Bryce

    Updating FRCS, the Fuel Reduction Cost Simulator, for National Biomass Assessments.

  • Efta, James (Andy); Chung, Woodam

    A Methodology for Implementing Best Management Practices using WEPP:Road Erosion Modeling and a Simulated Annealing Algorithm.

  • Fairbrother, Simon; Visser, Rien; McGregor, Robert

    Forest Road Pavement Design in New Zealand.

  • Garland, John J.; Rummer, Robert

    Understanding the Hazards of Thrown Objects: Incidents, Research and Resolutions.

  • Guimier, Daniel; Favreau, Jean

    FPInnovations – Maximizing value from the forest.

  • Han, Han-Sup; Bilek, Ted; Dramm, Rusty; Loeffler, Dan; Calkin, David

    Financial feasibility of a log sort yard handling small-diameter logs.

  • Harrill, Hunter; Han, Han-Sup; Pan, Fei

    Application of Hook-lift Trucks in Centralized Slash Grinding Operations.

  • Harrill, Hunter; Han, Han-Sup; Pan, Fei

    Combining slash bundling with in-woods grinding operations.

  • Hemphill, Dallas C.

    Developments in Log-Making in New Zealand.

  • Meadows, Steven; Gallagher, Tom

    Optimizing the Use of a John Deere Bundling Unit in a Southern Logging System.

  • Mitchell, Dana

    Stump Harvesting.

  • Moldenhauera, Matthew C.; Bolding, M. Chad

    Identifying Loggers’ Reactions and Priorities in an Increasingly Fragmented Landscape.

  • Nose, Mitsuhiro

    The estimation of carbon emissions from harvested wood products in Japan
    -Application of a new approach for appropriate forestry-

  • O’Neal, Brandon; Gallagher, Tom

    Production for a Biomass Harvesting System in Pine.

  • Pertlik, Ewald

    Do Synthetic Ropes change the design principles of standing skylines?

  • Saito, Masashi; Goshima, Masahiro; Aruga, Kazuhiro; Matsue, Keigo; Shuin, Yasuhiro; Tasaka, Toshiaki

    The Study of the Automatic Forest Road Design Technique Considering Shallow Landslides with Lidar Data of the Funyu Experimental Forest.

  • Smidt, Mathew; Tufts, Robert; Gallagher, Thomas

    Stump to mill logging cost program (STOMP).

  • Stampfer, Karl; Leitner, Thomas; Visser, Rien

    Efficiency and ergonomic benefits of using radio controlled chokers in cable yarding.

  • Suzuki, Yasushi; Hatano, Youko; Murakami, Shinpei; Okazawa, Tomoe; Sagayama, Shouji; Gotou, Jun’ichi; Ichihar, Takashi; Miyoshi, Kazuhiro

    Harvesting and Transportation of Logging Residue Logs Accumulated Along Road Side for Woody Biomass Plant in a Local Community.

  • Venn, Tyron J.; Chung, Woodam; Loeffler, Daniel R.; Jones, J. Greg; Han,Han-Sup; Calkin, David E.

    Assessment of the Potential for Log Sort Yards to Facilitate Forest Health Restoration and Fuel Reduction Treatments.

  • Visser, Rien; Spinelli, Raffaele; Stampfer, Karl

    Integrating biomass recovery operations into commercial timber harvesting: the New Zealand situation.

  • Visser, Rien; Spinelli, Raffaele; Saathof, Jacob; Fairbrother, Simon

    Finding the ‘Sweet-Spot’ of Mechanised Felling Machines.

  • Vitorelo, Brian; Han, Han-Sup; Varner IIIJ., Morgan

    Masticators for fuel reduction treatment: equipment options, effectiveness, costs, and environmental impacts.

  • Wang, Jingxin; LeDoux, Chris; Goff, William

    Effects of Soil Compaction on Individual Tree Growth in the Central Appalachian Hardwood Forest Region.

  • York, Robert A.; Nakamura, Gary; Battles, John J.

    Influence of regeneration method on soil strength in a Sierra Nevada mixed conifer forest.

  • Yoshimura, Tetsuhiko; Nose, Mitsuhiro

Estimating the Amount of Available Forest Biomass Using System Dynamics.