• Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina

Index of Papers:

  • JL R Rummer, F Seixas, and J Klepac

Evaluation of two baling systems for harvesting biomass on the Osceola National Forest, Florida, United States

  • Dodson, EM and AE Kash

    Roll-Off Containers: A Solution to Transporting Woody Biomass?     

  • Dooley, JH D Lanning, C Lanning, and J Fridley

    Biomass Baling into Large Square Bales for Efficient Transport, Storage,
    and Handling

  • Moldenhauer, MC and MC Bolding

Parcelization at the Wildland-Urban Interface:  Effects on Forest Operations               

  • Gerald, CA and CF deHoop

Public Perceptions of Wildfire Risk and Controlled Burning in the Wildland/Urban Interface of the Louisiana Florida Parishes            

  • Gautam, S, R Pulkki, and C Shahi

Economic analysis of forest harvest residues biomass storage in Northwestern Ontario                  

  • Klepac, J, R Rummer, and F Seixas

Seasonal Effects on Moisture Loss of Loblolly Pine                 

  • Alam, B, R Pulkki, and C Shahi

Forest Biomass Availability in Northwestern Ontario              

  • Affenzeller, G and K Stampfer

    Short Rotation Forestry – Growth Productivity of Four Cutting Cycles                  

  • J Wang, T Goff, and J McNeel

    A Comparison of Hardwood Log Bucking Practices in West Virginia             

  • AK Hamsley, WD Greene, and SA Baker

Value Recovery and Product Sorting in the Southeastern United States: A Comparison of Modified and Tree-length Systems                   

  • J Jenkins

De-Coupling of Cut-to-Length Operations in Ohio                    

  • RF Keefe and AS Davis

Reisenberg’s principles revisited: a portable rail system for use in forest operations in sensitive areas                    

  • A Horcher, R Visser, and E Messerlie

    Improving Helicopter Pilot Training with On-Board GPS                     

  • JF Gingras

DIAG-FOR : a benchmarking tool for forest contractors                  

  • MB Carroll, WM Aust, CA Dolloff, and RM Shaffer

Stream crossings and water quality in the Virginia Piedmont            

  • C Reeves, J Stringer, C Barton, and C Agouridis

Sedimentation Rates of Temporary Skid Trail Head Water Stream Crossings                   

  • V V Nikitin and MV Mukovnina

    Estimation of Forestry Losses at Of-the-Road Operation                  

  • B Spong

Mulch Alternatives for Skid Road Reclamation             

  • E Amlin

    A Systematic Approach to Increasing the Payload Capacity of Log Trucks within Existing Regulatory Frameworks             

  • J Sessions and J Wimer

Opportunities for Reducing Hauling Costs With Longer Logs             

  • T McDonald, J Valenzuela, M Smidt, and T Gallagher

Optimization of pooled log transport                  

  • C Coup, J Benjamin, and R Wagner

Harvesting Biomass to Improve Low-Value Beech Dominated Hardwood Stands in Maine                    

  • B O’Neal and T Gallagher

Production for a Biomass Harvesting System in Pine               

  • D Mitchell and J Klepac

Processing Woody Biomass with a Modified Horizontal Grinder                    

  • SA Baker and WD Greene

Changes in the Southern Logging Workforce over Twenty Years           

  • L LeBel and K Norin

    From Reactive Contractors to Proactive Entrepreneurs, a Comparison of the Canadian and Swedish Approach               

  • J J Garland

    Sustainable Forestry ? Only with a Sustainable Workforce           

  • C Kanzian, F Holzleitner, G Kindermann, and K Stampfe

Optimizing the Biomass Supply Network – An Alternative Approach            

  • J Wu, J Wang, and J McNeel

    Economic Modeling of Woody Biomass Utilization for Biofuels: A Case Study in West Virginia                  

  • M Clow and P MacDonald

    When Did the Industrial Revolution in the Woods Begin and End?               

  • L LeBel, A Egan, and L-PB Ducharme

    Forest entrepreneurs in Quebec: current and future challenges