1989 Conference Proceedings


  • Andersson, Bjorn O.; Sauder, E.A.; & Sinclair, A.W.J. Field Trials of a Chain-Flail Delimber/Debarker and a Portable Chipper,Processing Small-Diameter Frozen Wood.
  • Aulerich, Stephen. Regional Report/Pacific Northwest.
  • Beaulieu, Mark; Olson, Eldon; Garland, John; & Hino, Jeff. Tackling Productivity in Mechanized Logging.
  • Corcoran, Thomas J. Simulating Tree-Length Log Processing with SIMFACTORY.
  • Cullen, Jack & Sessions, John. Does Network Analysis Pay?
  • Dean, David & Dean, Linda. Using the Global Positioning System for Forestry Applications.
  • Erkert, Thomas & Sessions, John. Offtracking of Truck and Trailer Combinations Using Forest Roads.
  • Geisler, Eric; Cody, William K.; & Niemi, Monte K. Tires for Subgrade Support.
  • Gonsior, Michael J.; Copstead, Ronald L.; & McGaughey, Robert J. Analysis of Multiple Anchor Bridling Alternatives.
  • Gorsh, Joseph. Future Trends in Mechanized Harvesting in the Intermountain Area.
  • Hartsough, Bruce. Regional Report/Sierra Cascade.
  • Hemphill, Dallas. Economics of Recovering Ponderosa Pine Thinnings Residues.
  • Hyler, Neil & LeDoux, Chris B. Small Tractors for Harvesting Fuelwood in Low-Volume, Small-Diameter Hardwood Stands.
  • Johnson, Leonard R. An Overview of Timber Harvesting in the Intermountain Region.
  • Kellogg, Loren. Mechanized Harvesting Research at Oregon State University.
  • Pilkerton, Stephen & Kellogg, Loren. Analysis of Productivity and Availability of Two Operations Utilizing the Steyr KP-40 Grapple Processor.
  • Pyles, Marvin R.; Skaugset, Arne E.; & Warhol, Terry. Culvert Design and Performance on Forest Roads.
  • Reutebuch, Stephen E. & Miyata, Edwin S. Cable Thinning Unit Layout Using Historical Aerial Photography.
  • Rummer, Bob & Stokes, Bryce. An Electronic Machine Monitor for Long-Term Time Studies.
  • Rummer, Bob. Regional Report/South.
  • Ryder, Roger. Regional Report/Northeast.
  • Sessions, John & Mann, John. Matching Cable Yarders to the Job – Interpreting Equipment Specification Sheets.
  • Shaffer, Robert M. & Keesee, James M. Log Trucks Pulling Mud onto Public Roads: Possible Solutions to the Problem.
  • Sherar, James R. & LeDoux, Chris B. Shift Level Analysis of Cable Yarder Availability, Utilization and Productive Time.
  • Warhol, Terry & Pyles, Marvin R. Low-Water Fords: An Alternative to Culverts on Forest Roads.
  • Wozich, Martin. Cable Thinning: An Effective Balance of Equipment and Personnel.


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