• Meeting in Missoula, Montana

Index of Papers

  • Anderson, Nathaniel; Woodam Chung; Wilfredo Perez; Deborah Page-Dumroese; Zhengrong Gu. An assessment of fuel, soil and industrial sorbent applications of biochar produced from forest biomass using distributed scale thermochemical conversion
  • Audy, Jean-Francois; Luc LeBel; Matheus Pinotti; Karin Westlund; Sophie D’Amours; Mikael Rönnqvist. Planning Systems, Agility and Customisation in Wood Supply Chains – Results from Six International Case Studies
    Baker, Shawn; Dale Greene. Logging Cost Components of US Timber Producing Regions and Their Use in a Regional Logging Cost Index
  • Barrett, Scott. Preparing for expansion in the logging workforce: Results from a survey of logging contractors in a region expecting rapid growth in woody biomass utilization
  • Benjamin, Jeffrey; Donald Burr. Production Tracking System for Swing-to-Tree Feller Bunchers
  • Bisson, Joel; Sang-Kyun Han; Han-Sup Han. Evaluating the system logistics of a biomass recovery operation in northern California
  • Bisson, Joel; Sang-Kyun Han; Han-Sup Han; Jianwei Zhang; Timothy Montgomery. Comparing whole tree to tree-length fuel reduction thinning operations: cost and actual amounts of biomass removal
  • Chung, Woodam; Fred Bower; Obie O’Brien; John Sessions. SNAP for ArcGIS: A Planning and Educational Tool for Forest Engineers
  • Coulter, Keith; Steven Shook. Projecting the Future of Idaho’s Contract Logging Sector
  • Dodson, Elizabeth; Stephen Fitzgerald; Tim Deboodt. Cruising Methods, Volume Estimation, and Chipping Productivity for Western Juniper Biomass Market Development
  • Flint, Benjamin; Loren Kellogg. First Entry Commercial Thinning: A comparison of Traditional and Contemporary Harvesting Methods on Steep Slopes in the Coast Range of Oregon
  • Garland, John. A Look at Logger Training after 35 years
  • Greene, Dale; Samantha Marchman; Shawn Baker. Changes in Logging Firm Demographics and Logging Capacity in the US South
  • Grushecky, Shawn; Jingxin Wang. The Impact of Natural Gas Development on Forest Operations in West Virginia
  • Han, Sang-Kyun; Han-Sup Han; Joel Bisson; Timothy Montgomery. Effects of grate size on grinding productivity, fuel consumption, and particle size distribution
  • Harrill, Hunter; Rien Visser. Modelling Dynamic Skyline Tensions in Rigging Configurations: North Bend, South Bend, and Block in the Bight Case Studies
  • Hartley, Damon; Jingxin Wang. Modeling and Optimization of Woody Biomass Supply Chains in the Northeastern United States
  • Hiesl, Patrick; Jeffrey Benjamin. Assessment Of Feller-Buncher And Harvester Caused Stand Damage In Partial Harvests In Maine
  • Hogland, John; Nathaniel Anderson; Greg Jones. Function modeling: improved raster analysis through delayed reading and function raster datasets
  • Jang, Woongsoon; Christopher Keyes; Thomas Perry. Long-Term Biomass Harvesting Effects on Forest Productivity under Three Silvicultural Systems in the Northern Rocky Mountains
  • Keefe, Robert; Jan Eitel. Application of carriage-mounted agricultural cameras to improve safety in cable logging operations
  • Kim, Dong-Wook; Woodam Chung; Russell Parsons; Byungdoo Lee. Impact assessment of tree spacing on crown fire spread distance for Korean pine stands using a fire simulator
  • Kizhakkepurakkal, Anil; A. Hohl; Han-Sup Han; Joel Bisson. Geospatial Analysis: Determining transportation cost zones for woody biomass feedstock allocation
  • Klepac, John. Performance of a Tracked Feller-Buncher with a Shear Head Operating in Small-Diameter Pine
  • Lebel, Luc; Riadh Azouzi. Towards Collaborative Business Models for Wood-Supply Operations in Public Forests
  • Lin, Pengpeng; Marco Contreras; Jun Zhang; Woodam Chung. Applying ant colony optimization to solve constrained forest transportation planning problems
  • McDonald, Timothy; Frank Corley; Nick Hindman. Performance of a prototype ‘ELoad Sheet’ for monitoring timber hauling operations
  • Meek, Josh; Steve Hayes; Beth Dodson. Montana Logging Costs 2013-An Engineering Approach
  • Mitchell, Dana; Erin Huffaker. The State of the Logging Workforce in the Southern United States
  • Montgomery, Timothy; Han-Sup Han; Anil Kizhakkepurakkal; Joel Bisson. A GIS-based method for locating and planning centralized biomass grinding operations
  • Morris, Brian; Chad Bolding; Mike Aust. Cost and sediment reduction effectiveness of BMPs for a wood panel bridge on a haul road stream crossing in the Virginia Piedmont
  • Murphy, Glen; Philippe Passicot; Hamish Marshall; Andy Dick. Shift Length and Time of Day Impacts on Forest Operations Productivity and Value Recovery in Southern Hemisphere Plantations
  • Nepal, Sandhya; Marco Contreras. A GIS-based approach to identify suitable locations for bioenergy plantations in northern Kentucky
  • Pyles, Marvin; Kevin Boston. Forest Engineering – Professional Practice in Oregon
  • Saralecos, Jarred; Robert Keefe. Influence of Moisture Loss, Seasonality, and Species on Weight to Volume Relationships of Commercial Sawlogs in Idaho
  • Smidt, Mathew. The effect of weight posted bridges in Alabama on stumpage prices and haul distances for forest products
  • Smidt, Mathew; Tom Gallagher. Factors Affecting Fuel Consumption and Harvesting Costs
  • Spong, Ben. The West Virginia Logging Operation Notification, Inspection, and Enforcement System
  • Thompson, Jason; Wesley Sprinkle. Production, Cost and Chip Characteristics of In-Woods Microchipping
  • Visser, Rien; David Hopper; Josiah Simmonds; Matt Wakelin; Hunter Harrill. Efficiency of Log Vessel Loading Operations: A Loader Configuration Case Study
  • Vuillermoz, Morgan; Maryse Bigot. Experimental framework to increase wood mobilisation in fragmented private forests in Auvergne (France): lessons learnt after 2 years
  • Wells, Lucas; Nathaniel Anderson; Woodam Chung. A Remote Sensing Approach to Estimating Forest Treatment Residue for Alternative Operational Configurations on the Uncompahgre Plateau, Colorado, USA
  • Zamora-Cristales, Rene; John Sessions. RENO: A Computerized Solution Procedure and Decision Support System for Forest Biomass Recovery Operations


September 1, 2013