• Meeting in New Bern, North Carolina

Index of Papers

  • Baker, Shawn A. and W. Dale Greene. Logging Cost Components in the US South
  • Beaudoin, Daniel and Luc LeBel. A FRP model to improve wood yard operations from log deliveries to sawmilling outputs
  • Beck, Storm and John Sessions. Ant Colony Optimization for Road Modifications
  • Benjamin, Jeffrey G., Emily Meacham, Robert Seymour and Jeremy Wilson. Early Commercial Thinning in Maine’s Spruce-Fir Forests
  • Chung, Woodam and Nathaniel Anderson. Spatial modeling of potential woody biomass flow
  • Chung, Woodam, Dongyeob Kim and Nathaniel Anderson. Productivity and cost analysis of a mobile pyrolysis system deployed to convert mill residues into biochar
  • Coltrin, William R., Sang-Kyun Han and Han-Sup Han. Costs and Productivities of Forest Biomass Harvesting Operations: A Literature Synthesis
  • Conrad IV, Joseph L. and M. Chad Bolding. Harvesting Productivity and Costs When Utilizing Energywood from Pine Plantations of the Southern Coastal Plain, USA
  • Cutshall, Jason B., Shawn A. Baker and W. Dale Greene. Improving Woody Biomass Feedstock Logistics by Reducing ash and Moisture content
  • Dias de Oliveira, Ezer Júnior and Fernando Seixas. Energy Analysis of two Eucalyptus Harvesting Systems in Brazil
  • Dukes, C. Cory, W. Dale Greene and Shawn A. Baker. In-Woods screening of Grindings from Logging Residues to Improve Biomass feedstock Quality
  • Goldbach, D.  Fecon Woody Biomass Harvesting Solutions
  • Han, Sang-Kyun, Han-Sup Han, William J. Elliot, William R. Coltrin and Bruce R. Hartsough. ThinTool: A spreadsheet model to evaluate fuel reduction thinning cost, biomass for energy, and nutrient removal
  • Hartley, Damon S.  and Jingxin Wang.  Analysis of harvesting logistics on woody biomass supply chains for community based bioenergy projects in West Virginia.
  • Hiesl, Patrick and Jeffrey G. Benjamin. Cycle Time Analysis of Harvesting Equipment from an Early-Commercial-Thinning Treatment in Maine
  • Hopkins, Chris and Joseph Roise. Microchiping Trials of Green versus Dry, Pine versus Hardwood:Measurement of Energy Efficiency and Productivity
  • Jernigan, Patrick, Tom Gallagher, Mathew Smidt, Larry Teeter and Dana Mitchell. High Tonnage Harvesting and Skidding for Loblolly Pine Energy Plantations
  • Kanzian, Christian, Martin Kühmaier, Jan Zazgornik and Karl Stampfer. Large scale multi-criteria optimization of forestry biomass supply networks
  • Klepac, John and Bob Rummer. Off-Road Transport of Pinyon/Juniper
  • Mitchell, Dana. Ups and Downs Associated with Implementing Shift Schedules on a Southern Harvesting Operation
  • Morris, Brian C., W. Mike Aust and M. Chad Bolding. Bladed skid trail erosion prediction for the state of West Virginia using USLE and WEPP
  • Murphy, Glen, Francisca Belart, Tom Kent and Pieter D. Kofman. Forecasting and Monitoring moisture content of Woody Biomass in Ireland and Oregon to improve supply Chain Economics
  • Pan, Pengmin Timothy McDonald, Steve Taylor and John Fulton. Real-time Monitoring mass-Flow of Woodchips bases on Force Sensor
  • Seixas, Fernando and João Luís Ferreira Batista. Use of Wheeled Harvesters and Excavators in Eucalyptus Harvesting in Brazil
  • Thompson, Jason D., John Klepac and Wesley Sprinkle. Trucking Characteristics for an In-woods Biomass Chipping Operation
  • Wear, Laura R., W. Mike Aust, M. Chad Bolding, Brian D. Strahm and C. Andrew Dolloff. Skid trail stream crossing closure BMPs affect stream sedimentation
  • /pdfs/COFE_2012Wimer, Jeff  and John Sessions. Single Wide Tires for Log Trucks

September 1, 2012