Forest Engineer, Pacific Forest Management – Forks, WA

1 Full Time Permanent Position Available September 2017.  Requires successful completion of BS degree in Forest Engineering or related field. Primary duties include:  Designs and administers installation of stream crossing structures on forest roads. Calculates stream flows. Develops and reviews road maintenance plans. Prepares construction cost estimates. Prepares even age and commercial thinning harvest units in compliance with Washington & Oregon Forest Practice requirements. 

Position Description

  • Designs road locations using ROADENG software. Slope stake roads where necessary. Monitor compliance on road construction projects.
  • Designs and administers installation of stream crossing structures such as culverts or bridges. Works with appropriate agencies to obtain necessary permits.
  • Performs field location of timber sale boundaries and roads. Identifies appropriate logging systems, runs deflection profiles documents harvest methods on logging plan maps.
  • Works with both small and large landowners to assess and recommend appropriate solutions to harvest related issues.
  • Applicant must be able to work with clients to insure needs and expectations are being met.
  • Work closely with field staff to insure smooth transition of field data to clients.
  • Performs other general forestry tasks as required.

Position Requirements

  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License
  • Minimum BS degree in forest engineering or Closely related field.
  • 6 Months experience in field application of forest engineering skills.
  • Must be proficient at the use of hand held and personal computers and be familiar with basic Windows programs such as Word, Excel and Access.

  • This is a Field position with 80% of work hours performed in an outdoors setting.Pacific Forest Management Is a full service consulting forestry firm located in Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Our work area includes coastal Washington and Oregon.


  • Salary – $5,400.00/Month, 
  • Vacation Leave – 9 days per year
  • Holidays – 5 paid days per year
  • Health, Dental & Life Insurance
  • SEP Retirement Plan
  • Continuing education and training

Company Description:

  • Pacific Forest Management is a full service forestry firm. We specialize in Management of forestlands including: Timber harvest permitting, Tree farm certification, Forest management plans, Timber sale design and appraisal, harvest contract administration, log marketing, forest road location and design, fish passage assessments, Cruising, Inventory and GIS/GPS mapping.
  • We work with both small & large industrial landowners, State Agencies, Indian Tribes, and Conservation Groups.
  • We develop and maintain strong working relationships with regulatory agencies, timberland owners and others as we strive to provide excellent and efficient consulting services. 


Pacific Forest Management

Is a full service consulting forestry firm located in Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Our work area includes coastal Washington and Oregon.

We specialize in assisting our clients with management of their forest properties. Preparing forest management plans, conducting and maintaining forest inventories, implementing silvicultural prescriptions and providing professional forestry advice is what we do every day. 

Our clients are a diverse group including large industrial owners, Indian Tribes, local government, conservation groups, and small landowners.

We focus on delivering high-quality services to our clients to help them meet the ever-changing forest practice regulations.

Forks, Washington offers an exciting opportunity to practice hands on forestry skills. Surrounded by thousands of acres of forestland this area offers a unique opportunity to put your skills to work in a working forest setting beside other professionals from many disciplines.

The Olympic Peninsula is also known for its outstanding recreational opportunities to keep you busy during your spare time and the small town setting of Forks is a great place to live and raise your family.