• Meeting in Moline, Illinois

Index of Papers

  • Baker, Shawn; Beth Dodson: Dale Greene: Steve Hayes.   Evaluation of an Online National Survey of Timber Harvesting Contractors 
  • Barrett, Scott; Chad Bolding; Michael Aust.   Integrating Forestry Best Management Practices (BMP) Research into Extension Programs to Improve BMP Implementation
  • Barron, Patrick; Michael Kilgore; Charles Blinn.  Forestry Applications of Paired Bid Methodology
  • Bell, Conor; Robert Keefe.   FVS-OpCost: A New Forest Operations Cost Simulator Linked with FVS
  • Benjamin, Jeffrey; Steven Bick; Wendy Farrand; René Germain.  Characteristics of Successful and Innovative Logging Contractors in the Northeast US
  • Bisson, Joel; Sang-Kyun Han; Han-Sup Han.  Evaluating the System Logistics of a Biomass Recovery Operation in Northern California
  • Bisson, Joel; Sang-Kyun Han; Han-Sup Han; Jianwei Zhang.  Cost and Actual Amounts of Biomass Removal from Fuel Reduction Thinning Operations in a Mixed Conifer Forest
  • Cardoso, Wellington; Dana Mitchell; Tom Gallagher; Daniel de Souza.  Harvesting Short Rotation Woody Crops with a Shear
  • Conrad, Joseph IV.  Adapting to a Changing Landscape: How Successful Wisconsin Loggers Persist in an Era of Parcelization
  • de Souza, Daniel; Tom Gallagher; Dana Mitchell; Mathew Smidt; Tim McDonald; Jeff Wright. Determining the Impact of Felling Method and Season of Year on Coppice Regeneration
  • Dodson, Elizabeth; Dale Greene; Steve Hayes; Shawn Baker.  Western Logging Costs: Developing a Basis for a Western Logging Cost Index 
  • Enache, Adrian; Karl Stampfer.  Environmental Performance of Forest Roads due to Construction, Maintenance and Use – Case Study Analyses in Romanian Mountain Forests
  • Gallagher, Tom; Daniel de Souza.  Five Year Growth Measurements for a Eucalyptus Plantation
  • Garland, John.   The Limiting Factor in North American Forest Operations: A Skilled Workforce
  • Germain, René; Steven Bick; Jeffrey Benjamin; Wendy Farrand; Matt Kelly.  Silviculture Matters! But Not Without Loggers
  • Gingras, Jean–Francois; Glen Légère; Vincent Roy.   FPInnovations’ Industry-driven R&D Program in Forest Operations
  • Greene, Dale; Erik Biang; Shawn Baker.  Fuel Consumption Rates of Southern Timber Harvesting Equipment
  • Hiesl, Patrick; Jeffrey Benjamin.  Harvester Productivity and Cost in Small Diameter Timber Stands in Central Maine, USA
  • Kamarudin, Norizah; Woodam Chung.  Timber Harvest Area Planning in Malaysia Using a Network Algorithm
  • Kelly, Matthew; René Germain.  The Price of Freedom: Single-Operator Timber Harvests in the Northeast United States
  • Kenney, Jonathan; Thomas Gallagher; Mathew Smidt; Dana Mitchell; Timothy McDonald.  Factors that Affect Fuel Consumption in Logging Systems
  • Kizha., Anil Raj; Han-Sup Han; Joel Bisson.  Actual Amounts of Biomass Recovered from Whole-tree vs. Tree-length Harvest Operations
  • Klepac, John; Dana Mitchell; Jason Thompson.   The Effect of Pile Size on Moisture Content of Loblolly Pine while Field Drying
  • Labelle, Eric; Michel Soucy; Gaetan Pelletier; André Cyr.  Effect of Tree form on Cut-to-length Machine Productivity in a Hardwood Dominated Stand
  • Lang, Albert; Chad Bolding; Michael Aust.  Comparison of Three Methods to Estimate Forest Stream Crossing Erosion in the Virginia Piedmont
  • McDonald, Timothy; John Fulton; Tom Gallagher; Mathew Smidt.  Correlation Between Tree Size and Disc Saw Speed During Felling Using a Wheel-Mounted Feller-Buncher
  • Mitchell, Dana; John Klepac.  Harvesting Considerations for Ecosystem Restoration Projects
  • Morris, Brian; Chad Bolding; Mike Aust.  Sediment Contribution of Haul Road Culverts in Virginia
  • Parrott, David; Marco Contreras.   Comparison of Operator-designed and Computer-generated Skid-trail Networks
  • Reep, Nicholas; Patrick Barron; Michael Kilgore; Charles Blinn.  Analysis of Volume Removed from Sold on Appraised Volume Timber Sales in Minnesota 
  • Sherar, James; Gordon Keller; Johan Zweede.  Forest Roads in the Amazon Basin
  • Thompson, Jason; Dana Mitchell; John Klepac.  Advantages and Disadvantages of Untrimmed Wood in the Supply Chain
  • Xu, Yecheng; Mathew Smidt; Yaoqi Zhang.  Value of Vocational Logging Training
  • Yu, Aihua; Tom Gallagher; Chen Zhao.  Harvesting and Transportation of Plantations of Southern China
  • Zamora-Cristales, Rene; John Sessions.  A Solution Procedure for Forest Harvest Residue Collection for Bioenergy

September 1, 2014