2001 HONOREES Mr. Jean A. Bérard and Dr. D. Edward Aulerich

Mr. Jean A. Bérard

Jean Bérard was born in Manitoba and received degrees from University of Ottawa (1949) and Laval University (1959). He served with the Royal 22nd Regiment in Canada and Korea. He worked as logging engineer for Canadian International Paper Company. He joined the Woodlands Section of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association in 1962, and appointed Assistant-Manager in 1965, and Manager in 1968.

Jean Bérard was one of the founding fathers of the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) in 1975. He was named President and C.E.O. in October 1984 and retired in July 1991. He was editor of the Forestry Handbook of the Order of Forest Engineers of the Province of Quebec, a 1500-page reference manual.

Dr. D. Edward Aulerich

Ed Aulerich received a B.S. in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University (1960); an M.B.A. from Arizona State (1965); and a Ph.D. from Idaho (1971). He is a registered professional engineer in California.

Ed Aulerich, director, past president, and founder of FOREST ENGINEERING INC., has had a vast amount of experience in logging systems, both from the practical and academic side. He has worked over twenty years as a practicing logger and engineer and has given over 100 lectures and training sessions in Chile, Tasmania, Europe, Scandinavia, and North America. He has worked with over 5000 individual loggers, foresters, and engineers in the past 20 years through workshops and tutoring to increase their technical knowledge about forest engineering. Fifty percent of these people were from 15 countries outside the United States.