2000 HONOREE – William A. Davies

William A. Davies

Professor Davies was a 1926 graduate of Logging Engineering at the University of Washington.  Earlier he was a “whistle punk” on a cable operation, a surveyor, and in timber sales.  After graduation, he was an engineer with Weyerhaeuser, an Associate Professor, and Professor and Head of the Forest Engineering Department at Oregon State University until 1973.  He also served as manager of the OSU research forest.

Professor Davies developed the original method of determining loading on skylines for practical logging engineers working in the field in the '50s and '60s.  It was the basis for computer programs being used today.

Bill Davies set the standard for professional forest engineering education in North America.  For over 25 years, he was the leader in developing and maintaining the forest engineering program at Oregon State University.  Many of the past and present-day leaders in industry and government were trained and guided by Bill Davies' high professional standards.