1998 HONOREES Mr. Benjamin McMillan “Mac” Davis and Dr. Pentti Tapani Hakkila

Mr. Benjamin McMillan “Mac” Davis
He was born in 1921 in Alabama. Mac received his Agricultural Engineering degree from Auburn University in 1943. He served in the US Army 1943-1946. Much of his career was in all aspects of woodlands operations with International Paper, 1946-1978. He served as logging engineer for 9 of those years. Mac helped develop or developed mechanical unloading, rail woodyard, barge swamp logging, barge woodyard, mechanized systems, and comprehensive logging training programs. From 1978-1981, he organized and managed the harvesting division of the Jari Project in Brazil with over 1500 employees. Currently he heads Systems consultants and fishes in south Alabama.

Dr. Pentti Tapani Hakkila
He was born in 1935 in Finland. He received his BF and DF degrees from University of Helsinki and M.S. from Michigan State University. He currently serves as Professor of Forest Operations with the Finnish Forest Research Institute and is semi-retired. Other positions with the Institute included Research Officer, Research Specialist in small-sized timber, Research Professor of Biomass Utilization. He also served as Special Lecturer of Forestry and Docent of Wood Science at University of Helsinki. Pentti has over 266 publications on wood utilization and harvesting. His main research areas have been small-sized operations, residue utilization, wood energy, and thinning systems. He has served on many national and international organizations, and on consultancies all over the world.