1997 HONOREES Dr. Ivar Samset and Professor Thomas A. Walbridge, Jr.

Dr. Ivar Samset
Dr. Samset served as Researcher and Research Leader in Forest Operations at the Norwegian Forestry Research Organization, 1949-1958, and served as Professor in Forest Operations at the Norwegian Forest Research Institute and Norwegian College of Forestry, 1956-1988, and Emeritus thereafter. He has published extensively in his 50+ year career, having several notable textbooks. His strong character and untiring efforts helped propel forest operations and forest engineering to the forefront of academic and applied research and application. He has served in many areas of leadership, and has received numerous honors and awards, including an honorary doctorate from Sweden.

Professor Thomas A. Walbridge, Jr.
Professor Walbridge served as staff forester, 1953-1967, Project Director of American Pulpwood Association Harvesting Research Project, 1967-1973, Professor of Industrial Forestry Operations, Department of Forestry, School of Forestry and Wildlife Resources, VPI, 1973-1989, Professor Emeritus, 1989-1997, President of T.A. Walbridge and Associates, 1989-1997. He was instrumental in developing industrial research and promoting mechanization in the South. He has been an avid researcher and author, leader in the profession, and outstanding educator. His efforst helped establish COFE and he has taught and counseled many of the foresters and forest engineers working around the world today. He has made many contributions to forest engineering and has received many honors, but “Doc” is most noted for his genuine love and concern for the profession, for his students, his friends, and his colleagues.