1986 Conference Proceedings


  • Baumgras, John E. Production Study of the Swedish Rottne Snoken 810 Harvester/Processor in Pennsylvania Softwood Plantations.
  • Cook, Briar & Simonson, Bob. Early Achievements in Development of a Substitute Earth Anchor System.
  • Corcoran, Thomas J. A Northeast Perspective on Graphics-Assisted Planning Systems.
  • Crane, James E. & Ferguson, Frank W. A New Computer Model for Running Skyline Analysis.
  • Deal, Earl L. The South – A Status Report.
  • Douglas, Robert A. & Addo, K. O. Geotextile Mythology in Forest Road Construction: Design Considerations.
  • Dremann, A. P. Treesim: A New Analysis Tool for Harvest System Evaluation.
  • Fudge, Charles W. Making Harvesting Research Work – A User’s Perspective.
  • Garland, John J. Selection, Training, and Motivation of the Logging Labor Force.
  • Garland, John J. Report from the West.
  • Gililland, Ed & Ryburn, William. Reduced Tire Pressure on Forest Service Roads Through Central Tire Inflation Systems.
  • Gonsior, Michael J. Mechanized Harvesting and Processing in Mountainous Terrain of Western Montana: A Case Study.
  • Johnson, Leonard R. & Lee, Harry W. Firewood Production from Logging Residue: A Cost Assessment.
  • Lambert, Michael B. Optimizing Productivity, Costs, and Products Through Complete Harvest Planning.
  • Meisel, Thomas C. Cat’s New Custom Skidders.
  • Miyata, Edwin S.; Aulerich, D. Edward; & Bergstrom, Gary C. A Monocable System for Handling Small Trees on Steep, Difficult Sites.
  • Murphy, Glen & Twaddle, Alastair. Techniques for the Assessment and Control of Log Value Recovery in the New Zealand Forest Harvesting Industry.
  • Peters, Penn A. & Biller, Cleveland J. Preliminary Evaluation of the Effect of Vertical Angle of Pull on Stump Uprooting Failure.
  • Reisinger, Thomas W.; Greene, Dale; & McNeel, Joseph F. Comparison of Microcomputer Programs for Analysis of Timber Harvesting Operations.
  • Shaffer, Robert M. & McNeel, Joseph F. In-Woods Weighing Systems for Southern Logging.
  • Sturos, John A. Lake States Forest Resources and Industrial Expansion: A Regional Report.
  • Vidrine, Clyde G. Machine Application of Herbicides for Hardwood Stump Sprout Control.
  • Watson, William F.; Sabo, Robert F.; & Stokes, Bryce J. Productivity of In-Woods Chippers Processing Understory Biomass.


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