Associate Professor-Senior Lecturer-Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Stellenbosch University, Department of Forest and Wood Science

Professor/Senior Lecturer in Forest Operations and the Supply Chain (Ref. AW03/003/0119)

A position of Associate Professor / Senior lecturer in Forest Operations, specialising in Supply Chain Management, is now open within the section Forest Engineering of the Department of Forest and Wood Science at Stellenbosch University. The vacancy is for a permanent, full- time position and remuneration will be scaled to the level at which the appointment is made. The Department of Forest and Wood Science forms part of the Faculty of AgriSciences at the University. The Department carries out high quality research and education at an international level and collaborates with society and industry to develop a bio-economy where forest materials are the core resource.

The South African plantation-based forest industry sustainably harvests 18 million m3 annually from a resource base of 1.35 million ha. Of this, roughly 4.5 million m3 is structural wood harvested from softwood pines and the balance from short rotation Eucalyptus pulpwood stands. Some of the challenges faced by the industry to remain internationally competitive are shorter rotation lengths resulting in diminishing tree sizes, rapid mechanisation of forest operations (which until recently were largely motor-manual based), worker health and safety concerns, and an increasing demand for both high quality and cost effectively delivered wood products.

A major opportunity for the industry, in conjunction with Stellenbosch University, is the integration of the forest supply chain from the perspective of forest operations. This is now possible through rapidly increasing digitalisation throughout the forest value chain and the availability of “big data”. The access to big data is particularly relevant to supply chain optimisation, optimised forest operations, systems production development, and logistics. For this reason, the Forest Engineering section has focussed its overarching research and education drive in this direction.

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Professor of logistics in forest value chains, SLU - Umeå, Sweden

The research area is logistics in forest value chains, with the raw material producer in focus. Examples of important sub-areas are, but not limited to, supply chain design, production planning (forest operations planning), transports, inventory management and information technology.


The professor shall, within the subject area:

  • develop and lead internationally recognized and successful research activities
  • develop and lead education at all levels, including doctoral education
  • supervise PhD students
  • collaborate with other researchers within and outside SLU
  • develop and maintain regional, national and international networks within the research community, industries/businesses and society at large
  • communicate research and its results
  • actively seek external research funding at the regional, national and international levels
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