Forester – BLM, Tillamook Oregon


The Tillamook Field Office of the Northwest Oregon District is hiring one (1) forester, the incumbent will serve as a Forester (Contract Administrator).  The Forester (Contract Administrator) has direct responsibility and delegated authorities for evaluating timber sale requirements and ongoing operations to insure that resource management and environmental protection goals are achieved.    The position inspects operations to ensure contract compliance and interprets contract provisions consistently.  Makes on-the-spot decisions and gives instructions to purchasers to resolve timber sale issues.  The position prepares all correspondence, documentation and bills for each active timber sale.  The position also provides feedback to interdisciplinary teams (ID teams) as NEPA timber projects are implemented for consistency of analysis and decisions.  The position will participate (as directed) on ID teams as the timber representative conducting logging system analysis, economic feasibility studies and subject matter expert of capabilities of equipment to complete proposed projects.  The position also mentors other foresters (GS5/7/9) to build and/or expand the strength and integrity of the timber working group to meet targets and retain expertise. 

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