2023 Nominee Raffaele Spinelli

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Raffaele Spinelli, a distinguished forest engineer and researcher, has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 COFE International Achievement Award. This prestigious accolade recognizes his outstanding contributions to the field of forest engineering and operations.

A Remarkable Career in Forest Engineering

Dr. Spinelli’s career is nothing short of remarkable. His extensive body of work spans numerous topics within forest engineering, and he has authored an impressive number of publications. Notably, Dr. Spinelli’s research goes beyond quantity; it delves into the breadth and depth of the field’s critical issues. His resume stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to advancing forest science.

Global Impact and Collaborations

Beyond his scientific achievements, Dr. Spinelli has profoundly impacted the international forest engineering community. His collaborative spirit knows no boundaries, as he has worked closely with researchers across continents. These fruitful collaborations have enriched forest engineering knowledge and fostered a global network of professionals.

Mentoring and Industry Engagement

Dr. Spinelli’s generosity extends beyond academia. He has dedicated time to mentor and support young academics and researchers, ensuring the next generation’s success. Moreover, his engagement with industry professionals—both within companies and as a consultant—has bridged the gap between research and practical applications. Dr. Spinelli’s understanding of real-world challenges has elevated forest engineering practices.

A Kind and Personable Leader

Those who know Dr. Spinelli describe him as kind, personable, and approachable. His willingness to share knowledge and insights has left an indelible mark on the forest engineering community. His leadership exemplifies the spirit of the COFE International Achievement Award.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Dr. Raffaele Spinelli on this well-deserved honor. The award was presented at the 2023 COFE Annual Meeting in Flagstaff, Arizona.