2008 HONOREES John Garland and Jack Warren


John Garland has degrees from Oregon State University and the University of Minnesota. He received his PhD from OSU, where he served as a Professor and Timber Harvesting Specialist until his retirement in 2006. In his position at OSU, John became a leader in providing service programs to the logging community. John’s service extended far beyond Oregon and the West Coast. John has served in numerous positions on a national and international level. The innovative programs John developed at OSU have been recognized with a national Technology Transfer and Extension Award from the Society of American Foresters, various regional Extension awards, and special recognition from organizations such as Associated Oregon Loggers.


Jack Warren has both a BS and a Master of Forestry from the University of Georgia. Jack was an Extension Timber Harvesting Specialist at the University of Georgia from 1966 to 1974. Jack was a leader in developing extension programs for the logging industry in the Southern United States. Building on his extension experience, Jack became the Director of the Forestry and Harvesting Training Center, which provided training opportunities in Forest Engineering for industrial foresters, equipment company representatives, and university faculty from across the US and many foreign countries. In 1982, Jack assumed the leadership position of the Forest Landowners Association, where he continued to lead in providing information on innovative forest engineering activities to the forest owners of the United States until his retirement.