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Index of Papers:

Study of production-cost of Mule Logging and products amount of traditional processing method- Case study in Northeren forests of Iran, Nowshahr
Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan, Hooshang Sobhani, and Mohammad Reza Marvi Mohadjer

Developing full-mechanized harvesting systems for broadleaved trees: a challenge to face the reduction of the manual workforce and to sustain the supply of hardwood industries
Emmanuel Cacot, Maryse Bigot, and Emmanuel Cuchet

Standardizing on Forest Operation System and the Accurate Estimation by System Dynamics
Toshio Nitami

A Timber Harvesting Decision Framework for Ethiopian Forests
Ben D. Spong and Loren D. Kellogg

Skyline Systems in Appalachia – two years hence
Jerry P. Okonski

An Overview of Helicopter Logging in British Columbia
Michelle Dunham

An Analysis of the Yarding Operation System with a Mobile Tower-yarder in Korea
Sang-Jun Park, Jae-Won Kim, Mun-Sueb Park, Tae-Young Song and Koo-Hyun Cho

Timber Extraction by Cable Cranes, Monorail and Chute Systems in Turkish Forestry
H. Hulusi ACAR

AmSteel Blue in Logging
Rafael Chou, Michael Daughters, and Danielle Stenvers

Productivity and Cost of Processing and Top-skidding Long Logs
Bruce McMorland

Productivity and cost of cut-to-length and whole-tree harvesting in mixed-conifer stand in northern Idaho
Adebola B. Adebayo, Han-Sup Han, and Leonard Johnson

Mastication: A fuel reduction and site preperation alternative
Jeff Halbrook, Han-Sup Han, Russell T. Graham, Theresa B. Jain and Robert Denner

Chloride Stabilization of Unpaved Road Aggregate Surfacing
Stephen Monlux and Michael Mitchell

Evaluating Forest Road Construction Techniques: A Case Study of the Right-of-Way Logging and Construction Activities
Chris Matthewson

AVLO: A Simplified Cost Analysis Approach for Estimating Construction Costs for Forest Roads
Brandon S. O’Neal, William A. Lakel III, W. Michael Aust and Rien M. Visser

Robust Optimization of Forest Transportation Networks: A Case Study
Hendrik C. Stander, Gibbet Hill Fellow and Glen Murphy

Using Ant Colony Optimization Metaheuristic in Forest Transportation Planning
Marco A. Contreras S. and Woodam Chung

An evaluation of forest road network by α- and β-indices
Hideo Sakai

Improving Timber Trucking Performance by Reducing Variability of Log Truck Weights
Amanda K. Hamsley, W. Dale Greene, Jacek P. Siry and Brooks Mendell

Development of a Forest Road Route Survey Method Compromising Zero-line Survey and Center-line Survey and Review of its Applicability
Joon-Woo Lee, Do-Hyun Jung, Byong-Yun Ji, and Kwon-Suk Chun

Forest Resource Transportation Planning with Consideration of Forest Road Erosion
Jennifer Rackley and Woodam Chung

Automatic road-network planning for multiple objectives
Jürg A. Stückelberger, Hans R. Heinimann, Woodam Chung, and Marcus Ulber

Sediment Travel Distances below Drivable Drain Dips in Western Montana
Scott W. Woods, Brian Sugden and Brian Parker

Modeling Runoff and Soil Erosion from an Insloping Forest Road
Sangjun Im, Sang-Ho Lee and Heegon Lee

An Evaluation on the Environmental Effects Induced by the Rock Blasting in Forest Road Construction at Rocky Areas in Turkey
Sadık ÇAĞLAR and H. Hulusi ACAR

The Impacts on Forest Soil of Ground-based Skidding by Manpower During Logging Activities
Arslan OKATAN, Saliha ÜNVER, Miraç AYDIN and H.Hulusi ACAR

Environmental Performance Measures for Forest Roads
Keith Mills, P.E., G.E.

Effects of Forestry Streamside Management Zones on Water Quality in Virginia
William A. Lakel III, W. Michael Aust and C. Andrew Dolloff

Impacts on soils from cut-to-length and whole tree harvesting
Sang-Kyun Han, Han-Sup Han, Leonard R. Johnson and Deborah S. Page-Dumroese

Assessing Soil Disturbances Caused by Forest Machinery
Eric R. Labelle and Dirk Jaeger

Effects of Soil Compaction on Residual Stand Growth in Central Appalachian Hardwood Forest: A Preliminary Case Study
Jingxin Wang, Chris LeDoux, Michael Vanderberg and Yaoxiang Li

Riparian Management Zone width and its influence on stream characteristics following forest clearcutting: A case study of small streams in Japan
Kaori Itoh, Francis Greulich, Edwin S. Miyata, Takuyuki Yoshioka, Koki Inoue and Itsuro Ishigaki

Does a consumer GPS receiver achieve submeter accuracy under forest canopy?
Tetsuhiko Yoshimura and Hisashi Hasegawa

Developing an Annual Harvest Operations Planning Model for Turkish State Forest
Mehmet EKER and H. Hulusi ACAR

Using an object-based imagery processing scheme to increase the accuracy of delineating Operational Site Units (OSUs) in timber harvest areas from IKONOS image and DEM data integration
Masami Shiba and Akemi Itaya

Mobile Data Acquisition Systems for Documenting Motor-Manual Silvicultural Operations
Timothy P. McDonald, John P. Fulton, Steven E. Taylor and Matt Darr

Using GPS to Document Skidder Motions – A Comparison with Manual Data Collection
Cornelis F. de Hoop and Robert H. Dupré

Evaluation of a Cut-to-Length System Implementing Fuel Reduction Treatments on the Coconino National Forest in Arizona
John Klepac, Bob Rummer and Jason Thompson

A Productivity and Cost Comparison of Two Non-commercial Forest Fuel Reduction Machines
M. Chad Bolding, Loren D. Kellogg, and Chad T. Davis

Harvesting Forest Biomass by Adding a Small Chipper to a Ground-Based Tree-Length Southern Pine Operation
Michael D. Westbrook Jr., W. Dale Greene and Robert L. Izlar

Long-term feasibility of timber and forest biomass resources in a mountainous area in Japan
Kazuhiro Aruga, Takuyuki Yoshioka, and Rin Sakurai

Survey of forest fuel Reduction managers
Cornelis F. de Hoop, Amith Hanumappa-Reddy, Robert H. Dupré and W. Ramsay Smith

Wood Supply Chain Efficiency and Fiber Cost: What Can We Do Better?
Jacek P. Siry, W. Dale Greene, Thomas G. Harris, Jr. and Robert L. Izlar

Estimating internal wood properties of logs based on real-time, NIR measurements of chainsaw wood chips from a harvester/processor
Mauricio Acuna and Glen Murphy

A D Optimal Bucking System for Central Appalachian Hardwood Species
Jingang Liu and Jingxin Wang

Maximum value throughout the wood supply chain: the RAID concept
Jean-François Gingras, F.E.

The Realities of Forest Work Mechanization and Skilled Workmen Training and Their Practical Use in Korea
Chong-Min Park and Sang-Hyun Lee

Safety Training for Hispanic Logging Workers in the Southeastern United States
Brandon S. O’Neal, Robert M. Shaffer and Robert B. Rummer

Extended Working Shifts: Are They Applicable to the Southeastern United States?
Dana Mitchell and Tom Gallagher

Rethinking Educational Models for Natural Resource Students
Elizabeth M. Dodson and Michael E. Patterson