2004 HONOREE John O’Leary


John O’Leary is not only an outstanding teacher but a world renowned researcher and consultant.  From 1946 until his retirement in 1985, Professor O’Leary taught Forest Engineering at Oregon State University.  He was also instrumental in the early development of balloon (1964) and helicopter (1963) logging from some of the early tests to applications of the systems.  He was the founder of the first Skyline Logging Symposium in 1968 that meets every two or three years in the Pacific Northwest.

John is well traveled and known in all parts of the world.  He is a friend of many of the prominent leaders in our industry.  His subtle Irish humor and easygoing manner make him one of the best beloved members of our profession.

Although John stayed close to the university during most of his career, he normally spent his summers consulting and teaching in many parts of the world.  One of his favorite areas of operation was the Philippines, where he had served as a PT boat commander during World War II.  By coincidence, he worked for PICOP (Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines) which was managed by a fellow who when he was a small boy had been rescued by John during WW II.