2001. “Appalachian Hardwoods: Managing Change”
Snowshoe, West Virginia – July 15-18, 2001

Index of Papers:

  • Andersson, Bjorn; Dyson, Peter. 

Log Measuring Accuracy of Harvesters and Processors.

  • Aust, W. Michael; Visser, J.M. Rien; Poirot, Matt. 

Forest Road Stream Crossing Options and Costs.

  • Baker, Shawn; Sloan, Hank; Visser, J.M. Rien. 

Cable Logging in Appalachia and Opportunities for automated Yarder Equipment.

  • Barrett, Scott M.; Prisley, Stephen P.; Shaffer, Robert M. 

A Computer Simulation Model for Predicting the Impacts of Log Truck Turn-Time on Timber Harvesting System Productivity and Cost.

  • Bigot, Maryse. 

Using Machines to Harvest Hardwoods in France.

  • Bolding, M. Chad; Lanford, Bobby L. 

Forest Fuel Reduction Through Energy Wood Production Using a Small Chipper/CTL Harvesting System.

  • Chung, Woodam; Sessions, John. 

Designing a Forest Road Network Using Heuristic Optimization Techniques.

  • Coulter, Elizabeth Dodson; Sessions, John. 

Managing Existing Road Systems:  How Should Priorities Be Set?

  • Eichrodt, Adrian W.; Heinimann, Hans R. 

Mobility of Timber Harvesting Vehicles.

  • Garland, John J.; Sessions, John; Pilkerton, Stephen; Stringham, Ben.

Synthetic Rope Used in Logging:  Some Potentials.

  • Halleux, Olivier R.M.; Greene, W. Dale. 

Setting Analyst:  A Practical Harvest Planning Technique.

  • Heinimann, Hans R. 

Productivity of a Cut-to-Length Harvester Family – An Analysis Based on Operation Data.

  • McDonald, Tim; Taylor, Steve; Valenzuela, Jorge. 

Potential for Shared Log Transport Services.

  • Murphy, Glen. 

The Future of Forest Engineering.

  • Reisinger, Thomas W.; Gallagher, Thomas V. 

Evaluation and Comparison of Two Tree-Length Harvesting Systems Operating on Steep Slopes in West Virginia.

  • Renzie, Chad; Han, Han-Sup. 

An Operational Comparison of Partial Cut and Clearcut Harvesting Methods in Old Cedar-Hemlock Forests in Central British Columbia.

  • Rummer, Bob; Klepac, John; Archer, Harry; Hebner, Gerry. 

Improving Stability of Low-Volume Forest Roads Using a Lignin-Based Emulsion.

  • Sessions, John; Chung, Woodam. 

Effect of Load Distribution and Trailer Geometry on the Gradeability of Short Log Tractor-Trailer Combinations.

  • Sherar, James; Keller, Gordon. 

Low-Volume Roads, Best Management Practices:  A Field Guide for US Agency for International Development.

  • Shouse, Scott; Stringer, Jeff; Smidt, Matthew; Pelkki, Matthew; Ringe, Jim; Kolka, Randy. 

Machine and Labor Times Required to Implement Kentucky’s Skid Trail Erosion Control and Revegetation BMPS.

  • Shrestha, Suraj P.; Lanford, Bobby L. 

Utilization and Cost for Animal Logging Operations.

  • Sloan, Hank. 

Appalachian Hardwood Logging Systems; Managing Change for Effective BMP Implementation.

  • Smidt, Mathew F.; Kolka, Randall K. 

Alternative Skid Trail Retirement Options for Steep Terrain Logging.

  • Stampfer, Karl; Lexer, Manfred J.; Vacik, Harald; Hochbichler, Eduard; Durrstein, Hubert; Spork, Josef. 

Cones – A Computer Based Multiple Criteria Decision Support Tool for Timber Harvest Planning in Steep Terrain.

  • St. John, Doug. 

Data Systems for Forest Management.

  • Thompson, Jason D. 

Calculating Utilization Rates for Rubber Tired Grapple Skidders in the Southern United States.

  • Visser, Rien; Rodgers, Brian F.; Stampfer, Karl; Gallagher, Tom.

Improved Harvesting Viability Through Increased Value Recovery.

  • Wang, Jingxin; McNeel, Joe; Baumgras, John. 

A Computer-Based Time Study System for Timber Harvesting Operations.