1998 Conference Proceedings

1998 – Harvesting logistics: From woods to markets

  • Aedo-Ortiz, Dario; Neuenschwander, Rodolfo; & Aracena, Pablo. Harvesting yield related to geometric form of the operation area.
  • Drews, Erik S.; Hartsough, Bruce R.; Doyal, James A.; & Kellogg, Loren D. Comparison of forwarder CTL and skyline yarder CTL systems in a natural, eastern Oregon stand.
  • Heinimann, Hans R.; Visser, Rien J.M.; & Stampfer, Karl. Harvester-cable yarder system evaluation on slopes – a central European study in thinning operations.
  • Hewitt, Daphne; Huyler, Neil; Hannah, Peter; & LeDoux, Chris. Determining time as a cost in constructing waterbars on forest sites in Vermont.
  • Hossain, Mohammad M.; & Olsen, Eldon D. Comparison of commercial thinning production and costs between silvicultural treatments, multiple sites, and logging systems in central western Oregon.
  • Krogstad, Finn. Tools for road location and cable setting design: Identifying ridges by running GIS hydrologic functions on inverted topography.
  • McDonald, Tim; Carter, Emily; Taylor, Steve; & Torbert, John. Traffic patterns and site disturbance.
  • O’Mahony, M.J.; Ueberschaer, A.; Owende, P.M.O.; & Ward, S.M. Predictors of bearing capacity of forest access roads with peat subgrades, under changing weather conditions.
  • Shaffer, Robert M.; & Milburn, Jason S. Analysis of work-related injuries on mechanized logging operations in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain Regions of the South.
  • Thompson, Michael A.; & Mattson, James A. A method for visual assessment of soil disturbance following forest operations.
  • Vidrine, Clyde G.; deHoop, Cornelis; & Lanford, Bobby L. Assessment of site and stand disturbance from CTL harvesting.