1991 Conference Proceedings


  • Anderson, Paul & Sessions, John. Gradeability on Forest Roads – Field Observations Compared to an Analytical Model.
  • Andersson, Bjorn. Evaluation of Rottne Cut-to-Length Harvesting Systems.
  • Baumgras, John E. & LeDoux, Chris B. Evaluating Timber Harvesting and Utilization Options to Maximize Harvesting Revenue.
  • Chittick, John. Canfor’s Experience With Large Slackline and Skycar Systems.
  • Davis, Craig J. Regional Report/Northeast.
  • Erickson, Michael D.; Hassler, Curt C.; & LeDoux, Chris B. Felling and Skidding Cost Estimates for Thinnings to Reduce Gypsy Moth Impacts.
  • Erickson, Michael D.; Hassler, Curt C.; & LeDoux, Chris B. Productivity and Cost Estimators for Conventional Ground-Based Skidding on Steep Terrain Using Preplanned Skid Roads.
  • Garland, John J. Machine Operator Selection and Training.
  • Greene, Dale. Regional Report/Southern.
  • Hemphill, Dallas C. Successful Applications of Skyline Logging in British Columbia.
  • Iverson, Scott C. & Miyata, Edwin S. The Monocable Conveyer System for Thinning Operations.
  • Kellogg, Loren D.; Pilkerton, Stephen J.; & Edwards, Richard M. Logging Requirements to Meet New Forestry Prescriptions.
  • Kellogg, Loren D. Regional Report/Western.
  • Kockx, Greg P. Operational Strategies for Reducing Soil Disturbance in the Interior of British Columbia.
  • LeDoux, Chris B. & Baumgras, John E. Inter-disciplinary Research Can Provide Information for the Harvesting Challenges of the 1990s.
  • Malone, John. The Practical Value of Helipace.
  • McNeel, J.F.; Webb, Steven R.; & Friesen, John E. Skyline Cable Yarding in the Interior of British Columbia: A Case Study.
  • Murphy, Glen; Twaddle, Alastair; & Cossens, Paul. How to Improve Value Recovery from Plantation Forests: Research and Practical Experience in New Zealand.
  • Nelson, J.D. & Mana, Myles. Modelling Group Selection and Clearcutting Methods to Forecast Harvest Schedules and Road Network Development.
  • Peters, Penn A. Hazards on the Felling Escape Path.
  • Pulkki, Reino. Regional Report/Lake States.
  • Randhawa, Sabah U. & Olsen, Eldon D. Timber Harvester: A Tool for Automatic Selection of Timber Harvesting Systems.
  • Reisinger, Thomas W. Development of a Geographic Information System for Timber Sale Planning.
  • Sanders, Peter R.W. & Power, Cheryl A. Commercial Thinning: A New Tool in B.C. Harvesting.
  • Sessions, John & Sessions, J.B. Tactical Forest Planning Using Snap-II.
  • Skaugset, Arne E.; Michael, Dave M.; Mills, Keith; & Seward, John. Recognition and Investigation of Landslide Risk Due to Timber Harvesting Activities in Oregon.


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