1982 Conference Proceedings


  • Biltonen, Frank & Peters, Penn. The 1981 Forest Engineering Research Program.
  • Burditt, Audrey L.; Dodd, Phil; & Dibert, John. Timber Harvesting in the Mount St. Helens Area – Problems and Solutions.
  • Burke, Doyle. Timber Harvest Planning.
  • Conner, Mike. Field Analysis of Skyline Tensions.
  • Fodge, Francis. Engineering Analysis of Forces Created in Intermediate Supports During Multi-Span Logging.
  • Froehlich, Henry. Pipe-Arch Culverts.
  • Garland, John. Selection and Training of Logging Machine Operators (outline only).
  • Gerstkemper, Jack. A Computer Simulation of the Operation of a Log Landing for a Heli-Stat Airship in Old Growth Timber.
  • Gilhousen, Jan. Hamilton Portable Bridging.
  • Kannenberg, Mark. The What, How, and Why of FMC Fast Track Log Skidders.
  • Kellogg, Loren. Handling the Small Tree Resource with Cable Systems.
  • Kimbell, Abigail. Tension Relationships for Steel Cable on Notched Stumps.
  • Kramer, Brian. Vehicle Tracking Simulation Techniques for Low Speed Forest Roads in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Macdonald, Doug & Greening, Ron. Low Volume Road Design System.
  • Miles, John A. Brush Block Developments.
  • Rowley, Marvin. School’s Forest Lands Serve as Classrooms (Oregon State University).
  • Schiess, Peter & Martin, Reese. Mechanized Harvesting on Steep Slopes in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Schmokel, Chuck. Glu Laminated Wood Bridges.
  • Sedlak, Jerome. Network Analysis for the Copeland Creek Transportation and Logging Plan.

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