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2022 – Matthew Mattioda – Miller Timber Services

Matthew Mattioda, Miller Timber Services

2022 Honoree Carl Retzlaff

“Creating AI-based cable road layouts by leveraging LIDAR data and multi-objective optimization” 44th Council on Forest Engineering Annual Meeting - October 4-7, 2022 Corvallis, Oregon  

2022 HONOREE – Raffaele Cavalli

Professor Raffaele Cavalli has had a prolific career in forest operations, cable logging, biomass utilization and wood processing. During his almost four decades of tenure at the University of Padova, he has published over 300 scientific publications and reports, and...

2014-2021 COFE Operator/Industry Award List

COFE Operator/Industry Award Winners 2014 – Jack McFarland, McFarland Timber, Inc. 2015 – May Brothers Lumber Company 2016 – T-Mar Industries 2017 – Treeline, Inc. 2018 – Davis Rose Logging, Inc. 2019 – Markus Konrad 2020 – not given 2021 – Lone Rock...