1981 Conference Proceedings


  • Aulerich, D.E. Continuing Education for Forest Engineers - A Consultant's Approach.
  • Barteaux, Maurice K. Stand Establishment - New Brunswick's Program.
  • Bird, J.W. Managing New Brunswick's Forests (Implementation of the New Crown Lands and Forests Act).
  • Blenis, H.W. Overview of Development, Structure, Programmes at the Maritime Forest Ranger School, Fredericton.
  • Evans, Bill. Integrated Logging for Production of Pulpwood and Hog Fuel.
  • Gatcomb, Carroll Jr. Wood Harvesting Program at the Washington County Vocational Institute, Maine.
  • Gustafsson, Jan & Johnsson, Dick. Mechanized Planting in Sweden.
  • Hassan, Awatif E. SESFOR-81 - Future Symposia in Forest Regeneration.
  • Hermelin, Joakim. Forestry Vocational Training in Sweden and New Brunswick - A Comparison.
  • Hoffman, Joseph E. International Forestry Training in Less Developed Countries.
  • Jones, Keith C. Reduction of Fuel Consumption in Forest Operations.
  • Schneider, M.H. & Short, C.A. Small-Scale Wood Chip Heating Project in New Brunswick.
  • Watson, William F. Measurement of Physical Parameters During Skidder Fuel Use Studies.
  • Wildman, Thomas A. Stand Establishment Developments in the Northeast.